When it comes to our fees, we’re an open book. Our compensation is 100% transparent, so you know exactly what we make and the value we bring to the table. Our Wealth Management services are offered as a percentage of assets under management (AUM) and are billed quarterly, in arrears.

It’s that simple. We receive no other forms of compensation from anyone. We work ONLY for you.

wealth management fees

Wealth management is our bread and butter here at Market Street. The majority of our relationships with clients include financial planning, investment management or a combination of both. Regardless of that mix, it all falls under the umbrella of wealth management.

Our fee structure for wealth management is simple: it’s based on the value of the portfolio you bring to Market Street. You can use this tool to see what your fees will be as a Market Street client.

I am interested in:

See our Foundations offering below for less than $250,000 in assets.

Total % Fee


Fee due quarterly (in arrears)


All portfolios below $250,000 are subject to a minimum fee of $3,600.

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fees for foundations

Our Foundations program is for young professionals with portfolios of less than $250,000. The goal of Foundations is to jumpstart your wealth over the course of four years. As your wealth increases during that time, so do the fees associated with Foundations.

After four years, you “graduate” into a traditional wealth management relationship with Market Street. You can see the fees for wealth management above.

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