Finding your dream job should be more than a just a dream. Knowing what makes you thrive is just the beginning. The next step is finding a team whose values, work ethic, and worldview aligns with your own. But where do you begin?

We do things a little different

At Market Street, growing our team means much more than hiring someone looking for a job. Instead, we constantly seek out smart, creative, driven professionals who have a servant’s heart. If you think like us, value clients like us, and have the skills to match, reach out and tell us about yourself. While we may not have a place for the right person (who might be you!) this week, this month, or this year, you can bet that when we do, we’ll jump right on it and reach out to you.

And if you’re so right for our team that we can’t stop thinking about how you might help us better serve clients and complement our team’s expertise right away, we may even create a job—just for you.

Everyone on our team earns a straight salary.

We’re each compensated based on our experience level and the value we bring to the team. We believe that by treating every client the same—regardless of their portfolio size—our firm will grow, and so will our personal earnings. It’s that simple.

Our only goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations.

That means we have no sales goals, no commissions, and no growth targets. We believe that our ultimate goal is 100% client satisfaction all the time – every time.

We are true collaborators.

We believe that delivering the best possible solutions to our clients requires teamwork. Because more brainpower drives better results, there are always multiple cooks in the kitchen.

Work-life balance is mandatory.

We believe burnout limits our ability to think creatively and work effectively. So while someone will always be there when a client calls, we make sure to share the load so everyone on our team takes time to relax and recharge.

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