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Forget Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares — meet the kitchen dream team. Aaron and his wife Cristy make a great pair whether they’re feeding their extended family or just serving up scrambled eggs for their two young sons. It’s that nurturing attitude that makes Aaron a great asset at mealtime, and when it’s time to put together a financial plan.
In addition to being a great big brother to toddler Cameron, Aaron’s son Carson is shaping up to be one impressive Kindergartener this year. Aaron loves watching his intellectual grasp on the world grow, and hopes the academic world keeps challenging him to grow.
Whether it’s baking dessert for a family gathering or tossing pork on the smoker, Aaron is always game to try his hand at new recipes. His backsplash project made his kitchen an even better place for culinary exploration.
A lot of thought goes into financial planning — and just as much goes into crushing your friends in strategy board games. Aaron is always ready to flex his nerdy side at the tabletop.

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On cooking –
“Learning to use a knife properly makes cooking much easier and more enjoyable. A good chef’s knife will do the job of most kitchen gadgets.”
On cinema –
“A good movie is a great break from reality. Let yourself embrace the escapism.”
On getting through tough times –
”When the world looks bleak, look for the helpers. There are always people helping, and seeking them out can help you see the good in the world.”



NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor


Aaron was drawn to financial planning after seeing people around him live paycheck to paycheck. He was determined to learn strategies to optimize people’s finances to help change that frustrating cycle.

Aaron joined Market Street in 2015, following three years as a financial planner at another firm. As a very analytical person, he loves building spreadsheets to break down a situation and analyze the best path forward. While that may take more time, he believes digging into the details can lead to changes that make a big difference.

A graduate of Franklin College, Aaron has a B.A. in Finance & Business Management, and he is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®). He enjoys being able to “put the pieces of the puzzle” together for people who may have a decent understanding of certain aspects of their financial lives, but don’t yet see how everything is interconnected.

From digging deeper into cash flow analysis, to showing them how to protect their family and their wealth with the right insurance, Aaron loves the “gestalt moment” — that “ah-ha” feeling when a recommendation suddenly makes perfect sense.

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