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COVID-19 Market Decline Update

Kyle Thompson, CFP®, CPA


How Will The Coronavirus Affect Your Portfolio?

Kyle Thompson, CFP®, CPA

At Market Street, we do not believe in speculating...


What Caused This Week's Stock Market Volatility?

Kyle Thompson, CFP®, CPA

It has been a wild week in the markets which was led by an 800-point drop on Wednesday in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Why did this happen and...


(Not-Your-Typical) New Year's Resolutions for Investors

Aaron Williams, CFP®

I’m not typically a New Year’s resolutions kind of guy. Not o...


Q4 2018 Market Street Quarterly Commentary: Why Your Responses Matter

Kyle Thompson, CFP®, CPA

The important thing about an investment philosoph...


Another Perspective on that Lump of Coal Investors Found in their Christmas Stocking

Kevin Ervin, CFP®, CPA

I hope that this holiday season has brought opportunities for you to gather with friends and family to enjoy many good times together and to forget...


Market Volatility ≠ Your Volatility

Kyle Thompson, CFP®, CPA

The picture above ...


Economic & Financial Market Commentary: Q2 2018

Kyle Thompson, CFP®, CPA

“If investing is entertaining, if you’re having fun, you’re probably not making any money. Good investing is boring.” – George Soros


Life happens! Make an emergency fund your #1 goal

Jared Defore, CFP®, CPA/PFS

Have you read this alarming statistic? According to

Parents: Don’t wait to start that 529 Plan!

Katie Fischer, CFP®

Parenting is no easy task. Boy, is that an understatement! As a relatively...


Is your portfolio at risk in today’s bull market? The numbers tell the story

Kyle Thompson, CFP®, CPA

The Dow rolled past 23,000 last week for the first time in history, creating yet another milestone for a bull market that just keeps going… and goi...


When it comes to money, are you your own worst enemy?

Aaron Williams, CFP®

Economist Benjamin Graham may have said it be...