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Getting Caught Up On Life While Quarantined

Jared Defore, CFP®, CPA/PFS

Well, this month didn’t go as planned. March is the month I look f...


The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act for Individuals

Drew Feutz, CFP®

As the coronavirus has made its way around the...


Emotions and money: How ‘money scripts’ can thwart your finances

Aaron Williams, CFP®

Most people I know like to think about finances as a mathematic...


4 Ways to Kick-Start Your Finances in 2020

Austin Angel, CFP®

By this time in January, statistics show that those lofty New Y...


Tax Changes You May Have Missed

Katie Fischer, CFP®



Receiving a bonus this year? Spend it wisely!

Drew Feutz, CFP®

Eagerly awaiting an end-of-year bonus or raise? Cheers! You’re...


Finding your ‘why’

Jessica Bokhart, CFP®

I’m sure it’s true in every field that the longer you do somet...


For young families, FSAs can help make tomorrow’s dreams come true

Jared Defore, CFP®, CPA/PFS

Like most parents with two kids under the age of 5, it seems li...


Get more from your employee benefits this year!

Kyle Thompson, CFP®, CPA

If you’re like most people, choosing your employee benefits i...


Navigating the many challenges of parenting (including your finances!)

Katie Fischer, CFP®

Ah, parenting. Whether you’re hoping to be a parent or (like me!...


What Caused This Week's Stock Market Volatility?

Kyle Thompson, CFP®, CPA

It has been a wild week in the markets which was led by an 800-point drop on Wednesday in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Why did this happen and...


What are your money dials?

Drew Feutz, CFP®

As an avid reader of all things financial, I stumbled across Ramit...


Plan for tomorrow, live for today!

Kyle Thompson, CFP®, CPA

Dan and Kim had never worked with a financial advisor before, and wh...


Millennials: It’s time for a road trip to financial confidence!

Jared Defore, CFP®, CPA/PFS

If you’re a Millennial, the road to retirement probably seems a lo...


Ready to ‘spark joy’ in your financial life? It’s Marie Kondo to the rescue!

Katie Fischer, CFP®

It’s been over four years since Marie Kondo’s book,


Essentialism: Enjoying an intentional (financial) life

Drew Feutz, CFP®

Let’s face it: our lives are busy! Blam...


What does every woman want? An advisor who ‘gets it’

Jessica Bokhart, CFP®

When Linda walked into my office last ...


College grads: Start planning your financial future today!

Drew Feutz, CFP®

Money. It’s a word that is bound to strike fear into any new col...


Life happens! Make an emergency fund your #1 goal

Jared Defore, CFP®, CPA/PFS

Have you read this alarming statistic? According to

Parents: Don’t wait to start that 529 Plan!

Katie Fischer, CFP®

Parenting is no easy task. Boy, is that an understatement! As a relatively...


For women in retirement, it’s time to learn how to spend!

Jessica Bokhart, CFP®

It may be every person’s dream to be told it’s tim...


Ready for financial freedom? Start with a budget!

Jared Defore, CFP®, CPA/PFS

Budgeting. Aside from taxes, it may be the very last...


Most New Year’s resolutions fail. Here’s how to ensure your financial plan doesn’t!

Drew Feutz, CFP®

I’m a self-confessed fitness nerd. This makes me the guy you love to h...


When cooking up holiday treats or your financial future, smart planning is key

Aaron Williams, CFP®

I’m not the main cook in our house (I give my wife full credit for putting amazing meals on the table every day!), but I do love to eat—and...


Want to get the most out of life? Create a lifetime to-do list!

Jared Defore, CFP®, CPA/PFS

My summer “vacation” was a little unusual this year. My wife, Jenna, and I are anticipating the arrival of our second son in just a few months, so ...


Is your financial advisor working in your best interests?

Drew Feutz, CFP®

Maybe it’s because I come from a small town where everyone knows everyone (and eventually everything about everyone!), but I have a very l...


When it comes to money, are you your own worst enemy?

Aaron Williams, CFP®

Economist Benjamin Graham may have said it be...


Women & Retirement: Money isn’t the only challenge

Jessica Bokhart, CFP®

As a financial advisor, I spend much of my time helping people prepare for retirement. Starting as early in their careers as possible, we work toge...


What’s the #1 Key to Your Financial Success? Commitment

Drew Feutz, CFP®

Commitment. It’s a word that can scare even the bravest of us all. But in almost everything we do in life, it has the power to drive success. Commi...